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Access Control in Glendale, AZ

Access Card - Security Systems in Glendale, AZ
Limiting access to your business can help maintain the security whether you need to protect valuable product or confidential information for your clients. A AmeriCam Video Security Systems, Inc. can provide a large variety of access control systems to fit the needs of your business.

Types of access control systems:
• Card Readers- these systems use keycards or fobs to grant access
• Pin Entry Readers- this system requires a correct PIN number to be entered in order to open
• Biometric Scanners- this system can read any of a number of biometric readings before giving access. From fingerprint to retinal scan there are many options available
Fingerprint and access control Security Card - Security Systems in Glendale, AZ
Whether you only need one, or a combination A AmeriCam Video Security Systems, Inc. will customize your access control system to keep your business safe.

To learn more about the different functions of our access control systems call 602-938-2071 to speak to one of our security system experts.
CCTV camera - Security Systems in Glendale, AZ
Other Security companies will lock you into long term contracts. That's why all of our alarm monitoring agreements are month to month. If we don't exceed your expectations, you are free to switch to another provider. We will never lock you into our service with a long term contract like our competitors.

These other companies grab your attention with their "$99 installation specials", but what they don't tell you is that their alarm systems are proprietary, meaning only they can install them, repair them and monitor them. This has trapped more than one customer into staying with them- since staying sometimes seems easier than having to get all new equipment so they can get new service elsewhere.
Security System - Security Systems in Glendale, AZ
That's another benefit of installing an alarm system from us - ours are not proprietary. The alarm panels we install can be used, monitored and maintained by other companies as well, so that gives you the piece of mind that you are free to call anyone for service. However, we are confident once you have experienced the difference with our level of professional service and seen our commitment to our customers, you won't want to call anyone else.

We service and install many types of intrusion alarms, such as burglar and robbery/panic alarms in both residential and commercial applications of all sizes.